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Our customized polymer business unit specializes in thermoplastic high-performance compounds, which allow precisely tuned material properties for a wide range of technical applications. With more than 40 years of experience in customized compounds, we are your partner for material development and with advice and support in applications technology, from engineering design through to production.

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Many applications require materials with high tensile strengths. At the same time, these materials have to be light – particularly in the case of components subject to a dynamic load. Often low thermal expansion, dimensional accuracy and long-term dimensional stability are required for replacing metals. In many cases, carbon-fibre reinforced LUVOCOM®-compounds meet these demands – and they are also electrically conductive. They give the design engineer a chance to deploy lighter and generally more economical injection moulded plastic parts.

For especially high temperatures of up to 260 °C we supply high-performance compounds based on various polymers. Depending on the polymer used in each case, even high temperatures do not present any problems. Typical applications include mechanical engineering, medical technology and parts subject to high stresses for the engine compartment and drive train in the automotive sector.

Tribologically adjusted LUVOCOM® materials have deposits of lubricant, thus eliminating the need for the expensive and time-consuming work of additional surface lubrication. Lubricant-modified components and assemblies remain clean while long-term performance and reliability are significantly improved.

Conductive LUVOCOM®-materials have decisive advantages over metals or coatings: they offer a great degree of freedom in design; the finished parts have a lower weight, are easier and more cost-effective to manufacture and are also tougher.

Plastics are poor heat conductors. The thermal conductivity in standard materials lies between 0.1 and 0.4 W/mK. By using special additives – generally mineral-based – LUVOCOM®-materials from this product group achieve significantly higher values of up to more than 40 W/mK. Through our special expertise in compounding, we provide you with precisely the material you need to meet your requirements. Electrically conductive and electrically insulating products are also available.

Detectable LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds offer a broad range of tailor-made solutions for these special requirements. All the versions supplied are easy to process and are characterized by the attractive surface of the finished components. Segregation of the additives is ruled out. Pigmentations are possible in numerous colour shades.

Newly equipped plastics recycling facility

LEHVOSS North America is pleased to announce the installation and commissioning of a new rotary grinder at their extrusion facility. The new equipment will complement the existing twin screw extrusion lines, and will provide close looped recycling services for selected customers.

The grinder is equipped with a high level metal detection system, in its in feed conveyor for the detection of the presence of any ferrous and non-ferrous materials in the incoming material stream. Installation also includes classifier for separation of fines from the ground material to ensure a consistent further processing. Conversion of the ground material into a finished pellet is also accomplished internally through processing in the various twin screw extrusion lines of the corporation.

Colored Carbon Fiber Compounds

LEHVOSS North America offers colored carbon filled compounds that have improved lightweight structural performance over colored glass filled compounds. Click here for products and details!

LUVOCOM® EOG High-Performance PEEK Compounds

LUVOCOM® EOG materials are made to meet today’s requirements in the energy industry. They represent a new generation of PEEK materials targeted at providing true material improvements that will directly raise component performance. By including material testing according to NORSOK M710 and general material properties for historical correlation, LUVOCOM® EOG is supplying the answer to these challenges. Each material grade is focused on specific applications and is also a formulation platform for future customization. Click here for additional information, or email david.dodds@lehvoss.com for more details or for any inquiries.

Fluoropolymer Compounds – Broadening the product range through compounding

"If you can dream it, you can do it." That there really is a lot of truth in this quote from Walt Disney is also proven by the "Fluoropolymer Compounding Story" from LEHVOSS North America. A story about a small team, who are always able to create or compound highly resilient material solutions from the most diverse customer requirements. Material solutions based on a variety of materials, with a special expertise in fluoropolymers.

The special thing about this is that this team has developed over the last 20 years from a pure processor into a material developer. A material developer who knows that compounding fluoropolymers is not just about plastics, chemistry and extruders. It's always also about a) putting the right heads together at the right time (both internally and as part of a partnership with customers) and b) above all, always treating the fluoropolymers well. Although they may appear to be extremely tough on the outside, they are extremely sensitive in processing and always require very special treatment.

This is what the following article is about. In just a few minutes of reading time, you will discover why LEHVOSS North America could perhaps also be your "dream partner" for material solutions made by fluoropolymer compounding.