Experience with the new

Every week we develop one to two new materials, usually as a customized solution for our clients. This tremendous development speed is made possible by the knowledge and great experience of our employees. It is supplemented by good collaboration and coordination between our market development – with direct contact to the client – together with our product development department and ultimately our production unit. Our laboratory and our applications technology are also extensively equipped for new developments and contribute to the optimization of the formulations.

Optimum raw materials and near-production-ready samples

When we prepare a new formulation for you, it is adjusted exactly to your application. We are independent of the polymer manufacturers and raw material suppliers and prepare samples in the quantity you require on production equipment.

A glimpse of the future

Our development department is involved in a permanent exchange with research establishments and the development departments of polymer and additive producers. This is because, in addition to the manufacture of individual formulations on behalf our clients, we also anticipate technological developments and trends so that we can adopt a proactive approach by offering solutions for new applications.