Presentation of new products and applications at Formnext 2019

LUVOCOM® 3F Filament
With LUVOCOM® 3F Filament the LEHVOSS Group is presenting its own series of 3D printing filaments at this year’s Formnext. The four products being offered are based on the polymers PAHT® and PET, and two of them are carbon-fiber-reinforced variants.
The materials optimized for the FFF printing process offer simple printability – even in the unheated build space – as well as non-warping properties and high mechanical strengths – in the Z direction, too  – and thus enable optimum component qualities to be achieved. 

The LEHVOSS Group and Ultimaker have commissioned TÜV SÜD to certify the use of LUVOCOM®  3F filaments on Ultimaker printers. This certification covers the material properties and the printing process with the S5 Pro Bundle print system. A commitment such as this to a reproducible process and an established quality assurance system is the first step by filament and machine producers towards industrialization and scalability.

Overall, there are already more than 30 different LUVOCOM® 3F materials for extrusion-based 3D printing procedures, of which many can be supplied as filaments via established manufacturers and are employed in a large number of technical applications.

LUVOCOM 3F Filament (2)

LUVOCOM® 3F filaments for 3D printing on practically all available filament printers



LUVOSINT® TPU for tailor-made orthopaedic insoles
An exclusive LUVOSINT® TPU type, a laser-sintering powder based on TPU, has been specially developed for the requirements of individually tailored insoles. Developer and distributor of this orthopaedic product is the American firm Aetrex. Alongside the familiar high level of mechanical properties, this type is distinguished by a special Pantone color on the powder and enhanced productivity in the SLS machines produced by the company EOS that have been adapted for the purpose.

The successful development is based on collaboration between the project partners Aetrex, EOS North America and the LEHVOSS Group. It demonstrates once again that 3D printing is suitable for series-production applications. This refers not only to the technical but also the business aspects. Only through 3D printing is it possible to manufacture this sophisticated product. Customers receive the insoles which are tailor-made to their needs within two weeks of having their foot profile scanned.

Aetrex downside

LUVOSINT® TPU for tailor-made orthopaedic insoles